MBA, Masters, EMBA & Alumni Recruitment Guides for 2019

MBA, Masters, EMBA & Alumni Recruitment Guides for 2019

There are now 15 MBA Recruitment Guides available, including three for students studying for a Masters in Finance, International Business or Media Studies, with new versions published twice each year.

Our guides cover Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, India, the Gulf States, North & South America and the UK.

Each of the guides contains 100 separate entries with:

  • Detailed company profiles
  • Key HR recruitment contacts
  • Easy keyword search instructions.

The improved guides now include, where available, new features:

  • Internship launch dates, period of work, application deadlines, etc.
  • MBA, Masters and Graduate recruitment programmes, dates etc.
  • International opportunities, around the world.

In addition to all the invaluable data listed above, we also send your Career Services Department a comprehensive, confidential list of key HR contacts.

Guides can be purchased individually, ensuring you only pay for what your organisation needs. In addition, we offer a competitive discount scale for multiple purchases.

Contact us if you would like further information about our subscription services.

Associated Documents:

  • Masters Finance Guide Example

    Masters Finance Guide Example

    Size: 476kb Type: PDF

    Example entries from the Guide to Masters Recruitment in the Top 100 Banking, Finance and Investment Companies