August 2023 New Publication.

August 2023 New Publication.

NEW MBA Recruitment Guide

We are delighted to announce that a new recruitment guide, the Top 100 Global Companies in Sustainability, specifically for MBA & Masters students will be published during August.. Tried and trusted MBA Recruitment Guides, each guide contains tangible and valuable information on 100 companies in a consistent format for advanced-degree students. Click on the links below to view an example of each guide.

Our researchers check websites and make telephone calls to verify and find information. For every company in each guide we aim to provide:

  • up-to-date company contact information
  • names of the key recruitment contacts
  • details of any recruitment programmes, competitions and internships in 2024
  • deadlines and methods of application
  • details of international recruitment opportunities.
  • highlights companies that sponsor visa applications
  • updated every month

To find out about more or learn more about the full range of Workmaze recruitment guides, contact us at