MBA, Masters, EMBA & Alumni Recruitment Guides for 2021

MBA, Masters, EMBA & Alumni Recruitment Guides for 2021

There are 15 MBA Recruitment Guides available and five for students studying for a Masters in Finance, International Business, Energy and Natural Resources, Engineering and Media Studies, with new versions published each year.

Our guides cover Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, India, the Gulf States, North & South America and the UK.

Each of the guides contains 100 separate entries with:

  • Detailed company profiles
  • Key HR recruitment contacts
  • Easy keyword search instructions.

The improved guides now include, where available, new features:

  • Internship launch dates, period of work, application deadlines, etc.
  • MBA, Masters and Graduate recruitment programmes, dates etc.
  • International opportunities, around the world.
  • Companies that sponsor Visa applications

In addition to all the invaluable data listed above, we also send your Career Services Department a comprehensive, confidential list of key HR contacts.

Guides can be purchased individually, ensuring you only pay for what your organization needs. In addition, we offer a competitive discount scale for multiple purchases.

Contact us if you would like further information about our subscription services.